A 'Cell' Phone?

Why would I want to be confined to a cell?

There are certain times when I need 'me' time and the cell phone is just another distraction that I don't want to have to deal with.

I, actually enjoy playing with myself sometimes.

OK... you can have 10 seconds to picture what you are picturing.





OK, back to 'get real' now.

Seriously, what is with the addiction of the cell phone. Do you really need to be within twenty seconds reach of text messages, downloaded emails, and the vintage voice call?

I am not about to play Pavlov's dog to a bunch of ring tones alerting me of the multitude of different messages accumulated on my phone.

Maybe if I got a treat every time it rang, I would be more responsive.

If I knew something shiny and expensive was going to be plopped into my blonde behavioral feast bowl every time I heard the un-symphonic notes of a generic ringtone, I might be more inclined to answer.

I know we can't turn the world around us off, but once in a while, it feels good to tune it out.

The Blonde will be back to beck and calls!!!

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