Match.com is a Full Time Job

and I don't like to work that hard unless its for a good cause.

I made it to 19 days before I started to drunk reply to my messages. I would pop the cork on a bottle of vino and settle in to screw around with virtual match addicts. There are so many of them that Betty Ford would do well to open up a special wing for their rehabilitation.

I know the Captain is probably reading this and thinking I mean him but he will be relieved to know he isn't in the hot seat...this time!!

I know there are some decent love stories to come out of Match.com, I actually had dinner with a couple last week that met on Match and married, and I have met some killer friends, but I think Cupid would have an easier time piercing the tail of a lightening bug than get me to sift through the cornucopia of copy, intended to charm a pretty girls panties away, just to find one sweet guy.

Besides, I am almost Cougar status.

I need to focus on my career and Bogart as many bucks as I can before my face falls off and I have to glue it back on like Joan Rivers. I wonder how much quan she has to pay out for spooning?

Gah bless anyone looking for the real deal on Match.

I will rub a Buddha belly for you!!

The Blonde will cheer from the sidelines.

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