Choosing a Law School

isn't half as important as choosing how I am going to use my law degree.

The most importnat thing to have is passion for who your are and what you want to achieve.

I read of all the injustices in the world and my degree can;t come quick enough.

I should have been a lwayer years ago but maybe fate didn't think I was ready.

Now, I am.

In the wake of seeing my student loans on hiatus at the junior college I attend, I have to get busy looking for a 4 year university. It doesn't really matter where I go because I don;t need an impressive school to become an impressive lawyer.

I have the drive, the ambition, the passion to make the world a better place and with a law degree I am the bad guys karmic retribution. Maybe when I was younger I would have been in it for the money and the prestige.

Now I am in this for the long haul in changing the world for better.

So watch out bad guys!!

The Blonde is going legal on you!


Can I live in My Car & Go to Berkeley?

I don;t know but I just asked them.

I think the best place to go to school and get a superior education without the funds to live is Berkeley!

I can't think of anywhere else I could live out of my car, afford school, and still hold my head up high!!

Cross your fingers for me!

I really need to be free!

The Blonde is not looking for saviors; only a parking pass to be saved!

Bad Benny

I don't know if its me or the benadryl but the pink tabs do not konk me out like the gel tabs do. I took a gel tab yesterday and I was a waste basket.

I am telling you it makes a great substitute for zanax.

I was as calm as a cucumber all day.

I wasn;t much of a talker or listener for that matter but it was a very relaxing and unproductive day.

The great thing about the gel benny is that it helps me sleep at night.  I still get up at 2 when the allergy part of the benadryl wares off but I pop another one and I am back to nappy in no time at all.

Today I feel great. I had a great night's rest and now I am on a cleaning roll.

Pop in my rock music, head to academy to buy a bunch of foot lockers to put summer clothes away, and get busy on my studies!

Its a good day!

The Blonde is on a happy high!


Textbook Education

My total for 3 textbooks came to $455.00

Texas Governement  95$ New

Macroeconomics 170$ New

American History II 120$ New

All the used was taken and now that I think about it, I should rent all 3 books at $150 for the semester.

I spent more on these three books than I did buying my fall wardrobe!!
I was going to finish my fall look with a burberry blouse but I have to settle for the burberry skirt I hopefully, cross your fingers, win on ebay today.

I understand the scam of the textbook. And if the professors are making a decent living on the residuals they get from these books than the scam is fine by me.

Its not!

The book dealers and the publishers are making a nice killing while holding my personal bank for book ransom.

Highway robbery at its finest.

Edition 14, 15, and so on which are all the same book but with the pages mixed up in each new edition so you are forced to buy the new one or be lost in the follow along program in class.

Used books are even worse. You pay 3/4 of the original price for the book-and being old school- I get a little ticked that the previous student highlighted or marked it up.

What if the student sucked in his highlighting and note taking and I get caught up in his/her bright yellow idiot marks?


Summer is officially over and I have permanently put a cork in my wine and spirited play and have just settled in to my haute couture textbooks for a long fall lesson.

And I still can sell my books on craigslist or amazon at the end of the semester for more than what textbook.com will give me trade-in for.

The Blonde is learning the price of things!


finger eleven - One Thing

Today's musical gift to you!! Hope you enjoy!

You will be redirected and deal with 10 seconds of ads but well worth the beauty of this song!

The Blonde is busy with other things!

Best Break Up Therapy

Online Shopping!!

I am gearing up for fall fashion and with the online sales, I can get a little more bang for my buck.
Like the Victoria Secret Motorcycle jacket for $78 originally $228. It will go perfectly with my Ebay purchased Uggs.
I also hit J.Crew sales for my preppy inspired looks but I ended up with a few military staples.

The most important find of the century is discovering that Zara will offer online shopping September 8!!

Now all I need is a blue blazer, argyle sweater, burberry shirt and skirt, and I am set for the fall fun!

The best way to feel better about yourself after a break up is to fix yourself up and get back out there and enjoy life.

The Blonde is under repair!!


Who Got The Boot?

Tommy Hilfiger Thigh High Duck Boot

The Blonde got the boot!

Dallas likes Big

especially in their resort hotels.