Textbook Education

My total for 3 textbooks came to $455.00

Texas Governement  95$ New

Macroeconomics 170$ New

American History II 120$ New

All the used was taken and now that I think about it, I should rent all 3 books at $150 for the semester.

I spent more on these three books than I did buying my fall wardrobe!!
I was going to finish my fall look with a burberry blouse but I have to settle for the burberry skirt I hopefully, cross your fingers, win on ebay today.

I understand the scam of the textbook. And if the professors are making a decent living on the residuals they get from these books than the scam is fine by me.

Its not!

The book dealers and the publishers are making a nice killing while holding my personal bank for book ransom.

Highway robbery at its finest.

Edition 14, 15, and so on which are all the same book but with the pages mixed up in each new edition so you are forced to buy the new one or be lost in the follow along program in class.

Used books are even worse. You pay 3/4 of the original price for the book-and being old school- I get a little ticked that the previous student highlighted or marked it up.

What if the student sucked in his highlighting and note taking and I get caught up in his/her bright yellow idiot marks?


Summer is officially over and I have permanently put a cork in my wine and spirited play and have just settled in to my haute couture textbooks for a long fall lesson.

And I still can sell my books on craigslist or amazon at the end of the semester for more than what textbook.com will give me trade-in for.

The Blonde is learning the price of things!

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