What A Freaking Crazy Christmas Card

If I sent a letter with my Christmas cards it would be a first. Not only for the letter but for sending out cards.

The last time I sent out a Christmas card was when I hand painted Santa with his pants down mooning the recipient.

It was a great card and its a Hallmark to my Aunt. I have not sent out a card since she died. Its the only thing I can do to show her how special she was to our family.

And to let her know, that every year...we still think about her just as much as if she were alive.

I believe in science and I believe her atoms burst apart the moment she exhaled her last breath sending all those beautiful atoms across the universe to be received by new birth.

My Aunt's beautiful atoms grace the bodies of new life..whether that be a bug, a bird, a baby...she lives on!

Good and kindness live on because of her!

The Blonde bows at the ever greatness of life's circle!

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