Merry Bloody Christmas

Holy cow!!! The drama that is unfolding this season is beyond any soap opera writer's wet dream.

I have to give you it in tidbits or you will explode by the thought of it all.


Sister's best friend's husband tried to kill himself.

They thought the mixture of pain killers caused a suicidal tendency.


The freak was having an affair with a married woman.

He found out she was having an affair with another man.

He left a note in his girlfriend's husband's car tattle tailing that she was sleeping with him and another man

Seriously, what a douche!!!

are you still with me...


The suicidal douche did not bother to leave a note for his wife..my sister's best friend.

Not only is she a best friend, she is our family and you don;t fuck with our family.

When the douche gets out of the psych ward which will be delayed so our sister can get her shit moved out..

will come home to nothing more than a stocking full of coal.

The Blonde is cherry red with happy!!

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