Driving Like a Bat out of Hell

I drove 15 hours with only pit stops for gas to Columbus, GA...

And if you think I am done with pics, no way!!

30 hours on the road leaves a lot of creativity time behind the wheel and multiple chair positions just to make it through the unbearableness of all that road.

By the time I finished the drive I had 23 different seat positions working..the last was the lotus position with my seat back jetted forward and the seat portion pushed to the front of the floor board with my legs crossed in a lotus position driving with cruise control.

My body was a human pretzel twisted and turned to suffer through more hours.

On my way up I was captured by the Louisiana po-po!

My car was profiled by a state trooper in Louisiana-its black and has more than its share of dinks and dents, not to mention the fur coated trunk....it would set off even the laziest of cops at 3 AM in the morn.

I was asked if I was carrying drugs and or illegal aliens. The Texas plate is to blame for that question. My car license, registration, and inspection are all long since been expired but I got off anyway...love southern hospitality...

I think the cop was flirting in the end!!

On my way back to Austin, I was working with one contact, a pack of twizzlers, and beucoup cups of cafe!!

But I made it and I have a few tales to tell...but later..

I haven't been this exhausted since my drive back from San Antonio partying with Collective Soul and one crazy coked up ex-wench friend of mine.

The Blonde is glad to pull the throttle back a bit!!

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