Bad Professor, Bad, bad, bad...

So one of my professors got arrested in a sting operation for soliciting 14 year old girls off of social network sites and assaulting them in a park.

I knew the teacher was an odd ball, didn't seem to like bathing very much or wearing clean clothes but I just assumed he was homeless-if you knew what Texas teachers got paid-you would not think twice about some of them being homeless.

I never considered him to be a pedophile although i did notice he liked the petite form in the girls at the front of his class. i guess they =knew something I didn't.

Under these circumstances I feel i should get an A in the class because how do I know he didn't barter (spell check looks for Brett when barter is spelled wrong-what a co-inky-dink; that's the name of the prof) relations with the younger chicks and give them better grades wh8ich would mess up the curve...

Not that I am devastated but I am not above pulling a Dean's conference to get an A out of this news.

I actually pulled a 89 in the class but one little point to settle my mental anguish over the news would help me over come the trauma.

My mind is already turning attorney before I even have the degree. i am always thinking about myself and how I can do better in competition with myself.

If I keep this up- I will end up in a bidding war selling my soul to the red guy with little horns and a tail just like in Devil's advocate..of course I am not a relative so the perks might not extend to me like they did to Keanu.

I hope they throw the book at Professor Pedophile!!

The Blonde can't wait to beat bad in court one day!

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