The Weekend

...was super fun filled for partiers and boaters and everyone willing to spend the $4 gallon gas to head out to beaches and lakes.

I on the other hand did nothing but hibernate in my room worried about this next round of monthly bills and watch movies avec une boutielle de vino.

I have not been very social lately. I am happy just being alone in my little femme cave.

I have been hit on by men in their late twenties - one at the bank and one at the gas station- and while its a nice feeling to know I still have the looks, it would be nice to get a couple of business cards from men my own age. Looking young and not being young has two drawbacks..online dating where men tend to look for younger women and in public where men think I am much younger than I am.

I am not looking to be with anyone. I am not financially set up to be with anyone right now. I have bills and a future at law school to keep me man free.

I am just too baroque to be social and that is ok because I know I am not the only person struggling these days. Its nice to have company with my monet miserable'.

One day the money will be back and so will the men. Its not like they disappeared during the rapture!!

Chin up to everyone having a tough time with the green.

Look at it like this..

Being at the bottom means only a small bump if you fall!

The Blonde has no time or money for play!!

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