... is bestowed to those that had friends and family that loved them, and will remember them, and will continue to tell their future generations about them.

Immortality is not physical but it is tangible and it is real.

As I read about the history that made Texas what it is, I am immersed in the reality of immortality. The lives I read about have long been dead but when I read about them and I see the photos; they haven't ceased to exist at all.

My Aunt died several years ago.

I watched her go. I even opened up the hospital window so her soul could leave.

I was afraid she would be trapped.

How silly a thought but I needed to believe that that when I opened that window, her soul flew out just as quickly as her body died.

And I believe that her soul has dispersed into the millions of pieces of energy that will submerse itself back into this world and spread the beauty and joy she was so filled with.

Again, to many this may seem silly, but I need to believe.

As so did Beethoven and everyone else in this world that a loved one leaves behind.

He wrote, "Immortal my beloved"

And no truer words remain.

When your loved...

immortal you shall be.

Fur Sie miene Tante Ullie.

und alle jene Unsterblicher

die Blondine!

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