70 MPH to Wall

I was driving from Austin to Dallas yesterday. It is a commute that I have not minded to drive because two great things are at each end- my family on one end and my boyfriend on the other.

But lately my car has been a bit scary to drive since the steering rack has been worn down to the point, that when you go around curves, missing grooves in the rack cause the car to free fly for a few seconds before finding the grooves that keeps the car from flying head on into something.

I know that when a curve comes I take it easy, I make sure no cars are around, and I glide on through with a little prayer to the almighty.

But this last time, that prayer was cashed in.

Coming to Dallas on 35E from Austin, a mammoth curve got me. I was helpless to do anything but pray that the car went into the wall instead of the big rig wheels along the other side of my death machine.

The teeth took the last second to catch but not before I scraped into the wall by an inch.

I was literally an inch from my life.

But by sheer grace the car scraped only that inch and the steering grabbed.

I was shaken.

My heart pounding I knew one more curve was coming and I would have to navigate it. It slipped again but caught again in time.

All I remember in my head was praying that it just hold until I get to my BF's house.

Seeing as that is all I prayed for and it was answered, I do not dare ask for much more regarding the steering.

Its in the shop.

God can only answer so many times before bringing his hand down on me and smacking me for being a tight wad and idiot for not getting it repaired. And he would be right to think that way.

I think that way.

Thank God for the man in charge-my BF has initiated the blue law and dealing with the car for me.

Car maintenance is a blue job. Leaving it to a Blonde will just end up in disaster.

I have made it this far on a wing and prayer and a grand man of a beau who is taking care of the car of me.

The Blonde is no longer on a crash course!!

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