No Good Flea Bag

I have been battling fleas at my parents house. They come from the deer my Mother has been feeding. They hop onto the grass and hit the cats. Even though the cats have been treated for fleas, some still hop on and ride into the house without an invitation.

Rude little fluckers they are!!

And like all uninvited guests, I want to get rid of them as fast as I can.

I went postal on flea kill for the yard, for the house, and for me.

My ankles have been hewed upon for the last time.

I hate to kill the slightest of bugs but when it comes to fleas, I take exception in a big way.

I can whole heartedly say I hate them with true fervor.

No good can come from these pests. Even a cockroach adds to the grand scheme of Mother nature by breaking down dying trees.

But fleas...they are as worthless and inhumane as terrorists!!

I say kill them all!

The Blonde shows no mercy toward petulance!!

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