Hummin' Along

While old black betty-aka. the jag-is in the shop, I had my BFs Hummer to commute back to Austin today. I knew it would be fun because driving a a new and cool vehicle would break up the monotony of driving, once again, to Austin.

What I did not know is how wonderful a feel I got from driving it. It felt like I was in a love lock hug with my boyfriend the whole ride through.

For the past several commutes, I was in fear of wiping out in my car because of the steering rack. It was so ingrained in me that every time I took the Hummer around a curve, I clinched my neck waiting for the steering to slip. It took me a few curves before I could relax my muscles and drive in utter bliss, and my mind farthest away from any fear.

Once I relaxed and realized this Hummer had my back, it occurred to me how much my boyfriend has given me. The most important being the luxury to be able to sigh relief of my
woes under his care.

I promised not to write about him so I am only going to plug him just a little...


but that is all I am going to say

out of respect for his privacy!!

The hummer got between 9 to 16 miles per gallon on this ride but the joy of it was worth the Franklin I have to put in her at the pump. It is as big and fabulous a personality as my BF ( a little more bragging won;t hurt).

For the first time in a long time, I feel safe and cared for and that is a huge thing to miss out on for so long.

And I don't mean the Hummer.

The Blonde is humming a fabulous new beau!!

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