The Nature Of Love

Love is an evolving thing.

It grows.

It dies.

It is as solitary as your own heart.

You can give your love, take it away, lose it, or fall for it but you can never force it to be something its not.

A relationship can only exist if two people feel the same for each other whether it be 3 dates, 3 years, or 3 decades.

I think the worst part of dating isn't the bad date but rather the date that moves onto the 3rd and 4th and then disappears before it is given the chance for more.

And our minds get stuck in where it went wrong?

And even if we can pin point the exact moment, it does not matter for the one who still has feelings. Those feelings are there and we just have to wait until they disappear.

One small tiny thing can change the course of someone's desire for you and no matter how much you might want to change that, you can't. It's not your fault nor theirs...

it's just

The Nature of Love!

and we will never understand it.

We just have to find a way to grow from it.

The Blonde will always be stumped!!

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