Sleepless In Seattle

has been running on television all weekend and I have been watching it all weekend. Its one of those movies that you can watch over and over and still reach for the hanky box.

My favorite part is how Sam talks about his wife and how great he had it at least for awhile. I think we all have had it great for awhile somewhere in our past. And its those memories that make us long for a partner to make us feel like that again.

Today its grey and cold and thoughts of having someone next to my side fills my head. The best I can do is with my bed hogging cats and the romantic movie marathon on the E channel.

In a few days I will be headed to New York to see yet another internet date - turned friend. I love New York and visiting makes me happy even if no one will be waiting for me at the top of the Empire States building on Valentine's Day.

That is the problem with internet date - turn friends. You spend a great time with them but when its over you have to ask yourself, "If we are so great together, why aren't we together?"

I go back and forth on this thought and for now....

I am beginning to feel like Kate from 'The Way We Were'. All my men have become Hubbell and I have to watch them ride off in the car with the betty brunette they chose over me.

Maybe its not the greatest idea to spend time with someone that passed you over but than I think, it is far better to spend time, with at least someone, than to be alone with a flatulent cat and a tub of sugar free cool whip in front of the tele tube thinking about being the simple and lovely girl my Hubbell is seeing.

The Blonde doesn't want to roll over!

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