Are You Crazy if You Say So?

They say your are not crazy if you say you are. Am I?

I am crazy and saying it does not make me any less crazy.

Of course being dead makes it easier to say.

I guess the right statement is that I was crazy but now I am just undead.

I had a right to be crazy when I was alive. bad things happened to me from early on that just seemed to punish me my entire living life.

Now I can talk about it because nothing phases me anymore.

SO let me share why being undead is better than living.

I was young and made a stupid bet with some teens. They bet me that they could ride over me on their bikes and I would flinch. I was arrogant and said no I won't.

They said if I flinch, I had to get in the car with them. It was two teenage boys and one teenage girl.

Well, I did flinch and so I paid up on the bet. I was 7 and did not really know what the cost was until I got in the car.

To this day I do not remember past the teenage girl holding me down in the back...I draw a complete blank,,,but I do not think it was.....

Well, whatever it was, it was the catalyst to my demise and one I never did recover from.....

Being dead and being able to kill people without remorse must have something to do with that day.

I wasn't the only little girl who got stuck in a car but I was the only little girl who got to leave breathing.


Devil or not the Devil

So how do I choose?

Now it is easy because I have crossed that threshold and no heaven is an illusion but many years ago while I was alive I had choices and made the wrong ones each time.

So, how do I teach you to not make the same mistakes I have?

Well, let me tell a story that may help.

Once upon a time...

cheeky yes but well deserved in my situation...


Once upon a time there was a woman who had her choice of men and chose unwisely each time.

First she chose a man for money over a man who loved her and bought a pretty little sapphire ring and she thought nothing about it other than to pawn it to pay a bill.

Then karma hit her like a bat out of hell and all that she thought was it was worth it for the few years of peace from the fear of having no money comes from,  but it was crushed and pummeled beyond anything she ever imagined because as much as she tried to love the man, he knew she did not.

Loyalty and love turned in a horrible direction when he she refused to give any more of herself at the man's whim in the bed.

He took my home...

I said "Over my dead body. I will burn it to the ground before you get one penny."

Courts take these kind of statements to heart and it was enough to finds me behind a cage.

That woman, me, was locked away in an insane asylum while the man she thought would take care of her forever pieced away her life.

True story my friends....

I was locked away for over a year while the world took everything away from me.

When  I got out, I had nothing and no where to go.

I remember walking with my silly little suitcase filled with nothing but cotton t's and a few pair of pants.

I walked from the asylum two miles down to a Wal Mart to call the only number I had burnt in my mind.

And what is funny is that, I can't remember that number any more or who I called or how I got back back home. I say a home but it was not mine...I was reminded about that every day I lived there.

All I remember is the punishment did not fit the crime.

Give me a bit to remember.... after all....I have been dead a long time and my old life is hard to remember

The blondead will write again....I promise

Stray with me for just a little bit...

I may not be here much longer but while I am....I have some good advice for you girls

and warnings for you men




I was sitting by my gravestone the other day and 'Whaaaa?!!" happened but an ex boyfriend who was stupid enough to leave me showed up at my stone while I was there.

He didn't see me..that is one of the things going on in this undead thing..I figured out I can see everyone and they can see me unless they loved me.

The ones that love me, I am a ghost.

Kinda cool from my perspective because I can remain close.


I feel like a kid who was given up for adoption and the Mamma hunted me down...



Thank you Ex...I don't why this makes me smile...I have no emtion, just thiis giant fucking ssmile on my face....

Semper Phi Dude

Really?!! No flowers for my grave?!!


It is all good in a dead Blonde's world

Booya...Back Again

Taking on a new form and the transition has been odd.

I am stuck in the 80's wanting nothing but vintage stuff...clothes, cars, men with whipped wing hair....

I look good for dead...28 until forever is not so bad...I can live with it...

be a slut forever can be cool!!

I am still stuck between killing peeps and fucking them...but eventually I will find my purpose...I am pretty sure it won't be a super hero but it will be something....

 I will let you know...stay in touch;)

By the way..the Continental Club in Houston sucks...the music was too fucking loud and uncool...Fitzgeralds is the place to hang if your undead and have sensitive ears to the sound of music!

Blonde dead bitch is out!!


Still waiting for fire and ashes

I am over the anger phase and now just calm and quiet and waiting until that moment where the world ceases to exist as I know it....

I have traded in killing for some sexual devencies but it still does not feed my destructive mode.....

I will find something that does.

BTW...i finally got around to claiming my coffin from customs...

The story llater

The blonde is being a busy biatch


Go Away!!!


Stop it!!

The dark cloud tht came my way has left but I felt it while it was here.

It cast grey over everything.

I forgot that I wanted to e good and I went to the darker force and he...
He just has a way of pulling me into the dark grey abyss.

I am sorry for the fat cop killing. I feel bad I was angry about them.

I apologie but I reall yam not sorry.

Certain cops are mean and they pick on those who have not been in trouble and seem to get off on it so....I


I am not sorry

I liked killing the fat cop

but now

the dark cloud has left

He is not here anyomore and I want to do good

ad I mean good without killing

You ave to forgive me for struggling

I had to leave my family, freinds, home, life because I was not growing old properly.

When your kid is the same age as you biop-metrically...

It does not make sense,

SO yes,
I arbor anger....

I hate to see my son cry at my tombstone.

I told him not bury me...I aksed that I be forgotten but he can't

and I see him every time when he visits a grave that is empty and all I want to do

is tell him



but I can't and so
OK a bloody mess for a biit

I am still pissed about my coffin and the stupid Duke and his bitchy wife...

I don't know my place

I don;t know where I belong and I have no friends and my
wing man had to go...

he told too many people and I had to kill him

Oh fuck......I am sorry..I wish I knew how to kill myslef so this could be all voer but everything I have tried has failed

Undead out for now....

PS..I could care less about proper writing so you dicks that send me typo errors...join my kill list!!!!!


Pandora's Box

One evil deed leads to another.

Do you want to be good?

Because I am tired of the bad and I know you may look at me like I am evil but I am not.

I am going through an adjustment period.

Yes, I kill people just because I can.

But I only kill the ones that you would not like any way.

It is hard being undead and knowing I don't worry about the law any more. The law was always an asshole anyway.

You think they are bad? The whole psych genre is on my 'to die list'.


back to fat ass cops....

Seriously, how can you eat donuts, be 300 lbs and chase someone down?

You can't.

So the obese stupid fucks wait for an easy target.

You can pull someone over for an expired sticker to get your quota.

Well guess what?!

I like killing the fat ones...they are my easy target!!!!

Like I said, I am going through an adjustment period but I promise only to kill the ones that are most  irritating to the living!!!


Fee Fi Fo Fum

OK? Seriously? 

A fairy tale beginning for my blog? 


I am concerned for a few people who may have a problem with my certain condition.

I do not want to hurt anyone who does not deserve it.


I can't have 'curious cathies' who are a little too intent on saving me or saving others from getting in my fanny pack.



Would I ever carry a fanny pack?

Although, I doubt it would be stolen as quickly as customs stole my decked out coffin!!!


You are damn right I am still pissed about it!

I am going to the beach and hitting some surf and board and will not kill anyone for now.


Check back...

I might want to hit the murderabilia guy...

Help this clueless victim's crime advocate out before I do.

Who can't figure out how to stop murderabilia from being sold and collected?

Here is a clue...


The undead is off to the coast before the storm hits the fan....

He comes in Thursday.


Have you ever heard of such a term?

Quite gross if you think about someone collecting finger and toenails as a souvenir from a serial killer.

But who I am to question what is art to some and a meaningful reminder to others?

I should have kept something from the Doctor but I prefer pop art.


Thursday, a dark cloud is rolling into my city.

The last time he shared space near me; many things died and a flood occurred in a hundred year flood zone.

Literally, not figuratively, little animals fell out of trees and died and I was useless to save them.

But that was in another life.

I do not know how I feel about it now since I am undead and the world is a cruel beast I am no longer apt to save.

I am free from those things now.

Things like empathy, care, and sadness.

What rips through my heart now is an uncontrollable urge to ignore all that once touched me.

This dark cloud is coming my way and I do not want to see the storm.....

Even the undead can not out run the past.....

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy bitsy spider got washed out by the rain

but out came the sun

 and dried up all the drain

 and itsy bitsy spider cralled out in time to kill again


From Cymera