Which White People?

Which white people, black people?

I just watched a show that black people are still being used by white people. Funny those black voices  are rich and famous and still blame the white guy for using them. 

The Shop by Lebron features opinions I can see on any cable news channel. There is nothing new here folks. Just more rhetoric from more rich people talking about what they see in America behind their gated community, private jets and limos.

The black 1% speaking out against the white 1% does not involve me, so please stop saying white people and start saying the white 1% or the white 10%, because the rest of us fools,  of all different color and cultures are not part of this conversation.

I get there is racism still, but racism is no longer just about black and white. 

Fuck, I ;just got called by a recruiter for a job as a marketing director for a guy that came from the middle east, making a killing shafting the American elderly on solar panels.

Do you not think he is racist toward Americans and finds it OK to saddle them with $16,000 in debt for sub-par solar panels from China?

Racism is no longer just about color. Perhaps, I am looking for a different word here. Bigotry, is that better?

What does it matter the semantics we use to say it is OK to abuse, use and oppress anyone of any race, culture, color, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.... yes, I get I am redundant on a few of these.

Fuck you.

When you speak of white people, please leave out the Blonde. 

I do not have any power or money to use anyone of any sort.

So fuck you rich, famous black people calling out ALL white people.

The Blonde is calling you out for being just as ignorant as the rich white guy now.


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