Let's be Frank

Because you certainly do not want to be Kevin Spacey at this moment. But as many people call him an appalling rapist, there are certainly more willing to forgive.

My only thought and opinion to the Let Me Be Frank video and why Kevin made it-besides the evidence of heavily drinking red wine, as his teeth and lips expose- is probably that he did not get the satisfaction of a farewell speech before getting kicked to the curb by producers. He was killed off  'House of Cards', if you remember or live under a rock.

Many claim it is his way of distracting from his arraignment. Could be, but somehow waiting in a hide-away sems an easier way to keep his name out of the news. Afterall, we are six second society and kinda over the all #metoo movement.

Personally, I am not one to think he is guilty until the evidence comes clearly about. Just because someone said they did something, doesn't mean they did.

The problem with the #meto movement is that too many came out with stories that it just sounds like crying wolves,

So until proven guilty, I am pro Kevin.

Hate the Blonde if you will, but I need truth before slamming someone to the nth degree.

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