Who Got A

for annoyed?!

I got A!!

I am so glad I do not pay for the dating site I am most recently frolicking on. I would be really miffed knowing half the dudes on this site are online dating junkies.

Its like surfing through a needle in a haystack just to find one nice guy which I am fairly sure with the name of this site, there aren't really any. I mean they are nice, they just don't mean anything they portray or say on their profile.

My favorite ones are the ones that will try to string you along on a lie.

I hate those.

Why can't they just be up front about their real deal?

Its a new time.

Woman are going slut and having a ball with it!

I actually am probably way too honest, on my profile, for this site but I really don't expect to find the love of my life on it anyway... but you never know.

Always the optimist!!

Right now its a great way to blow off steam while I am studying.

Another great thing about not paying for the premo service is I can't see who viewed me and /or who favorited me. I think if they can't even say at least a little hello, he is not man enough for me. Besides I don't want to get my feelings hurt looking at all the ones that passed me up. Its so much easier to live in a false sense of fabulousness than it is seeing the reality that I was passed up by a bunch of cute junkies.


I have to get back to studying. I have a big line up for the weekend and I need to cram class work in before the fun starts to hit the fan.

The Blonde is in a better class!

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