Google Was Wrong

(read yesterday's posting)

That was not the guy who answered my ad for platonic ticket to ACL festival.


But the guy who did answer the ad is not my type.

First of all, never, never, never send me a picture without your shirt on unless I have carnal knowledge of you already!

Second, what idiot wears sunglasses indoors while taking a snapshot of himself with the webcam?

and Third but not least; he used the word dating when I said strictly platonic.

The fact he emailed me 6 times already, I am fairly certain he has classic stalker tendencies and I just got rid of the last one.

This weekend I am going back some oldies but some goodies; one old date I ran into and one of the cuter ex's. He is my safe and but sorry I broke up with you backup when I am in need of comfort friend.

The Blonde turned to the right guys!

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