Front Loading Washing Machines are DICKS

Seriously, why do we pay so much for a washing machine that needs the door to be left open so it won't fucking mildew?! 

That is all I have to say on this matter.

Cool As Shit! Flash Dance!


Too choregraphed to be a flash dance, but still super cool!
Except no fat chicks, OUCH!  Not quite sure I see any black chicks either! Double OUCH!
Fuck Snowflakes, this is a new cancel theme for you!
Get Beyonce!
Get her!

What I think about Facebook's Metaverse!


The Hobo can Drown!

 Crypto is the only way to give us a chance. Let us have it! Whales, #SHIB is not yours!! It is ours!

I Want to Say FUCK Too!

 But you can't say it on social media, because apparently we are in  this weird fucking  #woke, #cancelculture, entitled little snowflakes that feel they have the right to never be offended or hurt.

Wake up biatches, that won't happen until all Gen X is dead!!

Our parents were not our friends.

The minute Dad came home. you shut the TV off and hid behind the bed.

When you went to school, you got picked on for being fat, wearing K-mart sneakers, having greasy hair, pimples, braces...anything was up for grabs. And you know what?

Many of us went through that fight, bullying, that battle we had to overcome to be who we are; so spare me your fucking whining!

You are bullies and shits and what makes it worse? Is the fact that you think your nasty behavior is excused because you are unleashing your emotional shit storm on something that you feel is uncomfortable to you? You make me uncomfortable!

You are jeopardizing our freedom to speak, you are trying to coerce us into silence and that will never happen to me. This is why I have my own domain, you stupid cunts! 





Are you fucking kidding me?

What part of "Read the Profile Dpshttz" do they not understand!

My Dad died and I signed up for this stupid, ridiculous fucking platform looking for a man like my Dad. 

He was my world as a young girl. A pain in the ass and hurt me so many times, but he was me world. Loved him whole heartedly and still do. I miss him.

I have been dormant on this site for over 6 years. 

And why is my profile telling them what dicks they are sparking their interest?

It is not an invitation, nor challenge dickwads!

Had to update my profile to start with this, "Seriously, do not bother to like me or anything else. My profile is here  to say you online dating addicts are the worst!"


Uber Kittens. Yeah!! It was a thing!

 LOL fuck me LOL

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today only, Uber users can pay $30 to have a visit from an actual kitten, for up to 15 minutes of quality snuggle time. Just select the UberKITTENS option on the Uber app between 11am and 3pm in over 50 markets across the United States and Canada.

Fuck, I am so glad I do not have money in this shit stock struggling to find out where to make money!

Squid Game Token Investors