Boss Ass Kissing Blondie Style

My kid and his troop is up for a Bronze Star after shutting down insurgents, but yeah...

I guess it is cool your 12 year old kid left a stupid note with black magic marker on the white board that no one uses in our office.

The Blonde is not sure, but thinks this is enough ass kissing. 

If not, fucking, kill me!


Fucking Passwords!

I am so sick of using my cell phone to reset passwords.

What fucking bizness is it of your Google to know my cell number?

Track me, sell me like a whore?

Google was always, just another guy that could not fuck the girl they wanted and now they have the power to fuck the girl that still does not want them.

Is the Blonde wrong?


Chobani My Ass its Healthy

It is a thickened yogurt with locust bean gum. Tis shit is no better than ice cream.

Look at the ingredients, the carb count and what extra protein?

And I love not how Chobani can get away with stating locally sourced milk. I am Texas so you rsource is not local to me asshole!!

 And how did this Turk / Persian get the money to buy a small Kraft plant in upstate New York?

I read the rags to riches bullshit stories on this guy, but he is Persian and to me that means still laundering the shit load of money the U.S. left behind.

How do middle eastern immigrants get these loans for companies and yet Americans struggle to find help with theirs?

The Cato Institute has challenged the justification of the federal government in intervening in credit markets.[25][26] Among other criticisms, Cato argues that "the SBA benefits a relatively tiny number of small businesses at the expense of the vast majority of small business that do not receive government assistance. SBA subsidies also represent a form of corporate welfare for the banking industry." Cato notes that the failure rate of all SBA loans from 2001 to 2010 is 19.4%,[25] contributing to a cost to taxpayers of $6.2 billion in 2011.[27]
In 2005, SBA Inspector General Report 5-15 stated, "One of the most important challenges facing the Small Business Administration and the entire Federal government today is that large businesses are receiving small business procurement awards and agencies are receiving credit for these awards."[28]
In October 2009, the Government Accountability Office released Report 10-108 which stated, "By failing to hold firms accountable, SBA and contracting agencies have sent a message to the contracting community that there is no punishment or consequences for committing fraud."

I call bullshit on Chobani and think their yogurt is a fraud. It is not healthy and dumb-ass Americans need to stop thinking it is better than pure acidophilus  yogurt!

The blonde tires of ignorant dieters!


Sean Rowe

Fuuuuhhhhhh...he is drop your wet panties on the floor amazing!

So says the Blonde!


Child Memory

I remember a few.

I remember Randy Hall. 1st grade. Why we were in love or what made me think I was, I have no id
clue to this day.

 I was like 5 or 7?

How old are you in 1st grade?

That is how old I was.

I remember he gave me a copper, four-leaf clover ring.

I brought it home, showed my Mom and bragged about how much Randy loved me.

Mother accused me of stealing the ring and ignored the rest of my love story.

She ordered me to return the ring she accused me of stealing.

Since I did not steal it, I  had no place to take it. So I hid it...in my flesh-pink colored, cubbie at school.

The next day, the ring was gone.

Who cleaned the school back then, I do not know.

I know my ring went from my finger to gone in less than 24 hours because if interference from others.

Do I carry this as baggage? Your damn right I do.

I have several vintage trunks that hold my emotional and mental garbage in a storage unit, that I have had since 2007.

I am getting tired of holding on to the past.

There is an entire house in the storage unit, including linens, fine china and perfectly preserved furniture.

DO you want it?

Freedom or surrender, not sure which one I am choosing at the moment, but will let you know!

The blonde is offering an entire home wrapped up in a bow.

All you have to do is let it go.

Take it, burn it, change it.

The Blonde wants gone!

I don't Do Cookies, Europe!!

When did the Blonde ever give you the impression that she bakes fucking cookies?

Anyone who follows me is safe. I don't do cookies!

I don't track you. I don't follow you. I don't sell you.

I just post my shit.

You can hate me, love me, or want to kill me....

I don't care!!!

My blog started a long fucking time ago. And I can say with confidence, no one ever fucked with you on my watch.

But, if they did....let me know!

I will go dark on their ass and destroy them for you!!

I am particularly fond of killing uneducated, poor, Muslim men that came into Europe and hurt my blondes and brondes!

Give me coordinates:

The Blonde really dislikes men that hold no concept of equality!!


There was a time

...that I wished you well.

I still wish you happiness, just stay far the fuck away from me or that will change.


Guess the video did not stand the test time...what the fuck was this about? Can't remember but I am pretty sure it was about some fucker inappropriately touching me when I was little.

Replacing it with something better!

the Blonde!

No one hurts me ANY MORE!!!

I believe in the NRA.

I do not believe in assault rifles, but I do believe in owning a small caliber weapon to fit my evening purse.

Anf anyone against women wanting to hold something that gives them power and security; is an ugly duck whose mind,  is fucked enough to believe, that rape, is about beauty!!

The Blonde!!