Just Cuz!

Where Are You

Waiting until your home!!!

Another Troop...

leaves for Afghanistan on Monday.

Only this troop includes my son.

Religious wars are ugly business and I just assume we let them implode on their own.

When I hear a man killed his wife for bearing a daughter instead of a son when he has the x and y chromos that decide the fate of the child's sex...

I want to smush his pea brained stupid religious right ass under the tires of a hummer.

Its a good thing my son is going...he has a much more level head than I do. I would kill an Afghan man just for being ugly and looking at me.

GOD BLESS the children who fight this battle.

Let us not forget that every soldier is someone's









May the American flag fly high and never drape another coffin.

And if one does, may God please...please...do not let it be my sons


Harvard Bound

and family bond.

Am I using my parents as a crutch?

Or do they hold me back and I am their crutch?

Who could figure this one out?

Perhaps we are both.

How many crutches does it take to help a broken spirit walk?

The Indians would say a spirit has wings.

Well to a whitey like me...

Broken wings means broken arms

and having crutches to deal with

leaves me...



The blonde is flat bread and broken!!!

Admit to Being a Surf

Our society has become a King and surf world. The problem is surfs refuse to let go of pride and admit that they are the low income people repubicans are hating.

If we admit we are broke and that the 1% holds all the money and refuses to share or be privy to a socialist society...the surf will loose and soom become a slave.

When we admit to being surfs

When we admit to being oppressed

whgen we let go of our pride

and realize the 1% has no intention of ever helping us

than we will rise

and we will fight

and we will no longer

be the slave

Eutopia is not achievable but its at least worth trying to fight for it

and we may never achieve it

but we will be closer to happiness

Money needs to stop winning over humanity

The Blonde will not stand for it!!!



I am without team. I broke up with the Redskins and now I am looking for a team.

I might end up with the Houston Texans because I think I have decided to move back to the 4th largest city ion the U.S.

Austin is fun but I need the big city...and Austin is a Big Town...

Besides...the men I like seem to pool in the general direction of Houston.

More later....right now...I am hoping Eli Manning kicks the Packers...

and I have a new beau I am playing with later...

Stay tuned!

The Blonde is keeping her record going!!!


A fucking Gahn istan

My son leaves next month. And he better come home just as I made him.

If anything happens to my child; I will not cry in a corner.

I will stand, I will train, I will fight, and I will bring down everyone responsible.

Do not fuck with the Blonde's kid!!!!



Men miss my hair. I should have bundled up the chopped locks and made a Blondie pocket buddy with it.

I was on eharmony for all of 2 months and I must say... answering the same five questions over and over again can crawl up a Buddha statues ass and bug the jolly stone icon into a frown.

I have already plucked the man of the year so the rest is just fun and folly for boredom. Don't hate me...most of the men on this site do the same thing. Its adult dominoes for the relationship impaired.

Eharmony peeps are like cats pawing at something for fun until its dead and no longer fun to play with.

The Blonde is not in tune with the harmony.