People Have Been Super Nice

to me lately. It makes me wonder what is up.

While I ponder why so many are nice to me this week, I do not have any pondering needed to understand why so many BP execs are receiving mass amounts of environmental fanatics hate mail at this moment.

Because they deserve it!!

I have been twittering some hater tweets myself.

My panties are more than in a ruffled bunch over this disaster that could have been spared had someone not been stingy with safety.

Now, I see they are floating a full page ad in the Statesman to persuade me off my hate.

Not going to happen you douche bags!!

Let's pick the little puppy ad apart and shoot some rebuttal:

I didn't have the stomach to choke down the bull and copy it to my blog so the following is just my take on the BP ad:

We will get it Done. We will make it right.


You will get it done but you will never make it right.

You were never prepared.

Contain and collect the leak but no mention of stopping it. Hmmm....

You brag that you have organized the largest environmental response but you fail to mention the obvious. You created the need for it.

When oil reaches the shore it will be too late.

If wildlife is affected. I hate to tell you but 450 brown pelicans have already died you douches.

Your dedicating $500 million to watch over the environment long-term. Your the last assholes anyone wants watching our marine life and shoreline.

You say efforts wont cost taxpayers but fisherman that are taxpayers will brunt the cost of dead marine life.

And no worries on not letting this happen again. Our criminal justice system has your back on that promise!!


The Blonde is hating!!


Driving to Dallas

or anywhere else for a man beyond my 8 mile preferred radius causes a few of my blonde follicles to cringe a bit.

It has been 3 months and more than enough commuting in my car to see my steady.
I have logged over 4,000 miles to see this man and I'm worried it will bite me in the bum, down the road some day.

I have to think of the car before the man.

My car is old and although solid as a rock, I worry about the accumulated mileage. All I can think of at this moment is what happens after 6 months and thousands of miles later and the whole relationship goes south. I am left with my car and a huge reminder on the dashboard telling me what an idiot I was for sacrificing my vehicles well being for this.

Not to mention the wear and tear on my wheels.

For the moment, its worth it. The guy is great and very accommodating. He is putting in his half as well. Unfortunately my half is part of a lot less than the part his half comes out of.

I am really considering what is in my best interest right now and whether I personally can afford a long distance relationship while going to school and on a tight budget.

After all, its so much less expensive replacing a man than it is an automobile.

On the other hand, finding a great relationship is priceless.

The Blonde is steering herself toward love!


Memorial Day Salute

The Blonde says thanks to all our soldiers!!


Do you know Alone?

Do you really know what alone is?

Its having a really bad day and knowing at the end of it there is no one to say its going to be OK.

Do you know what alone feels like?

It is an ache in your heart that brings you to your knees as you slide down your closed bedroom door to cry before you slither across the floor to an empty bed without enough pillows to warm your worries away.

What is alone?

Alone is begging God to help you because there is no one else to help you.

The Blonde is used to alone!!


Neighborly Not

My neighbor sent my cat to the pound.

I do not know the offense my cat committed but the punishment does not fit the crime.

If my cat was a nuisance than he should have let me know and I would have aided him with a water gun, after a few hits to my cat, would have persuaded him away from the property indefinitely.

But I had know such warning that my cat was a pain to this man, after 2 years of my cat's existence in this neighborhood. It never occurred to me to look in the shelter.

My cat spent five days in the shelter contracting a respiratory illness that is now life threatening.

And for what?!!

What did he do?!!

Is it because my cat is black?

I am force feeding my furry feline lover with a dropper just to keep him alive.

I hate mean people and unfortunately they surround our every peaceful existence and wittingly hurt something weaker than themselves because they are impotent and small and unhappy with the skin life gave them.

I have had some rough times myself but I never go after an innocent party that is unable to defend themselves against the tyranny of passive aggressive behavior.

Shame on you, you rotten human being.

Mr. Vic Yones of Austin, TX.

You cruel and ugly man!!!

The Blonde is wishing for karmic retribution on you!!

The Cover doesn't fit the Novel

As I was leaving my driveway tonight to meet a friend for a drink, a shiny black hummer drove by. I didn't think anything about it until he pulled out of the neighborhood at the other entrance and was in front of me. Another car pulled in between us at another stop up the road and he pulled to the side.

I did take notice that time but I thought to myself, "This dude isn't seeing the whole story. He is just looking at the cover and unfortunately for him it will end up being a bogus advertisement."

I just pulled on past him and let it go.

I am not the picture in his head and if I had stopped for him, he would eventually learn that the book was different from its cover.

I juggle between thinking it is flattery on his part and cruelty on God's part.

At a certain age, I put the fantasy aside for self preservation.

I am reality based these days and I don't falter or bend at the knees in hopes of finding my soul mate or true love.

I find comfort in knowing that I just need to find a reliable relationship with mutual affection.

The problem with fantasy is that you will always look for it, never find it, and end up alone in search of the myth.

At a certain point in life, we all have to become real.

Butterflies and beating hearts are all but a memory inked on the back of our high school notebooks.

Who after the age of 20 even doodle anymore?

Doodling and falling head over heels in love are best left to the next generation.

Generation X is too grown up for me and I am too far behind to catch up.

So to the Hummer I say, "No thanks for the flirt."

The Blonde book cover is fiction!!


God Answered This One

I do believe in God!

He doesn't always answers my prayers but he does answer some.

Today, I have to thank him for answering this one tiny thing.

I sat and asked, almost begged, that he help me find my cat.

After praying I went about finding my cat.

God can throw you an oar but you have to steer the boat.

I posted a picture of Peppy on craigslist and within an hour, people were emailing me that they saw him at the animal shelter. I went to the animal shelter sight and their was a picture of my little guy. He had been their for 5 days.

I thought the worse and hoped for the best.

And I got the hope part of it!!

I lost a cat once before and I begged and prayed and still God did not answer and to this day, I pray that my beloved Mavvie is with a good home. I dare not think of anything else.

I think about the parents that have missing children and how awful a feeling it must be.

Every waking hour spent thinking the best when in reality the worst must be.

And knowing God can't answer every prayer.

I am humbled by this experience and I have much joy but I have sadness for those that are still missing.

The Blonde will pray for the best!!


Holy Cow Its Been An Uber Long Time

since I published to my blog.

As Martha would say, "That's a very good thing."

I haven't had much to vent about lately. Life is pretty smooth in the love department.

I have a new beau. Actually he is a redo from a few years ago.

Timing is everything when it comes to two people of the opposite gender coming together to form a symbiotic happiness.

What happened a few years ago in my memory is one thing and in his memory another. Its something that shouldn't be dwelled upon. For whatever reason, it is working this time and its best not to question it.

Let the chips fall where they may.

In the end, it will either last or it won't.

I just want to enjoy the ride without any predisposed notions of how long it will be before the ticket runs out and the ferris wheel operator, spinning our love life, decides we need to get off.

If I had a gun to my head and someone demanded an answer as to why it is working this time, I would have to say it is because I am willing to do whatever it takes to stay in a committed relationship. I am scared straight when it comes to dating and I am revamping my attitude toward being with this one person.

But in this pursuit to be a half of a whole, I have to wonder? Am I not biting off more of the glass slipper than I can chew without getting cut into a mold that someone else wants me to be.

But when that other half sees me at my best and all he wants is that I continue on the path of being this great person, the glass slipper becomes less of a jagged edge sword, ready to cut on the next trip down, and more of a comfortable fit that will guide my steps into a better world.

A better life.

One that has been waiting for me all this time.

The Prince didn't fall in love with the Cinderella in plain clothes and holding a mop.

The Prince fell in love with the Cinderella that found the courage to be more than what life was telling her she could be.

And so I, like Cinda sista, stopped hiding behind the excuse of a step-sister world and I walked away from mopping up a mess. I stripped myself from the tattered fibers that were holding my life together with an inch of thread and I fabricated myself a new vision out of silk, satin, and ribbons that can support the weight of my new achievements.

And now, the Blonde is ready to dance at the ball!!