If Oscar and Mark were alive today, what would they say about the state of humanity?

 Oscar Wilde:

My dear friends, it appears that despite the passage of time, human nature remains as complex and contradictory as ever. In many ways, we have made great strides as a society, and yet we continue to be plagued by greed, inequality, and a fundamental lack of empathy for our fellow human beings.

One need only look at the excesses of the modern world, with its endless consumerism and focus on material wealth, to see the deep flaws that continue to plague us. We have become so obsessed with projecting a certain image and accumulating more and more possessions, that we have lost sight of what truly matters in life: love, compassion, and connection to others.

It is my hope that we can learn to look beyond the surface level and see the deeper truths that underlie our existence. We must learn to value each other as human beings, rather than as mere commodities or sources of profit. Only then can we truly create a world that is just and compassionate for all.

Mark Twain:

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems to me that we are living in a world that is both more connected and more divided than ever before. On the one hand, we have access to more information and resources than at any time in history, and yet we continue to be plagued by inequality, injustice, and a fundamental lack of understanding between different groups.

One of the greatest challenges facing us today is the rise of tribalism and identity politics, which have led us to view each other not as individuals, but as representatives of various groups and ideologies. This kind of thinking is dangerous, for it leads us to see those who are different from us as enemies or threats, rather than as fellow human beings with their own unique experiences and perspectives.

If we are to build a better world, we must learn to break down these artificial barriers and see each other as fellow travelers on this journey of life. We must recognize that we all share the same basic needs and desires, and that by working together, we can create a world that is more just, more compassionate, and more united than ever before.

Sad, we do not learn from history but want to ignore it, shame it, hide it unless it suits our need for an argument.. But it never really teaches us anything because of our short attention span.

Long live the history of our wrongs, because they will always far out weigh our good. 

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