Emotional Incest. Because this is not Creepy at All

Ah, emotional incest, or as we like to call it, the classic case of "my mommy issues are now your problem." This delightful phenomenon, also known as "covert incest" or "parentification," occurs when a parent, usually the mother, decides that their child is the perfect stand-in for an adult partner or friend.

So, instead of confiding in their peers or, I don't know, a therapist, the parent dumps all their emotional baggage on the poor child, who is then forced to become their emotional support system. It's like having a built-in therapist, but one who is far too young to be dealing with all this adult crap.

And the best part? The child who is being parentified is expected to put aside their own emotional needs to cater to their parent's every whim. Because who needs boundaries, am I right? The child's emotional well-being is sacrificed in the name of the parent's emotional comfort. It's almost like emotional manipulation, but with a parental twist.

But don't worry, the effects of emotional incest are long-lasting. Children who are parentified may struggle with issues related to boundaries, trust, and self-esteem. Who needs healthy relationships when you have a parent who needs you to be their emotional crutch?

And let's not forget the impact it can have on a child's sense of identity and self-worth. Who needs to feel valued for who they are when they can be valued for what they can do for their parent? It's almost like a twisted version of Cinderella, except instead of a wicked stepmother, you have a needy mother.

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