Why I hate married people!

As a single woman, of course I would hate married people. 

Let's put some context to it. 

Back in high school or college, or even in your young 20s, you have to admit you were never as confident alone as when you were surrounded by your best friend.

It is a powerful combination knowing someone always has you back, no matter how awful you or they  are.

The Clintons and the Trumps come to mind.

But it happens on a small scale too, from rednecks to country clubbers.

Married people have more credibility than single women. Not single men, they are exempt from this bushtit.

And why?

Why does it still exist, because women are the meaner species. They have claws even when they seem like pussy cats.

I know first hand. I had my Mother teach me how horrible a woman who has a man behind her, powering her confidence, while always scared that power could be lost at any time, drive them to do  anything that would get in their way from keeping that power. Even hurting her own daughter if she thought her a threat.

What fucked up Mother sees her own daughter as threat?

And now that grown up daughter has to figure out how to stop pushing herself down and move ahead.

I think that is why I am so disgusted with Facebook and the lies they promote.

The world is an ugly place and you don't get to make it look pretty.

As long as everyone looks like they live a beach party, it is OK. Anyone pushing others to feel real emotion and real life is squashed by their own friends.

They only want pretty sunsets, cute animal picks, and the dream that the world is perfect in this digital frame they have built for themselves.

But I know differently, I know the truth away from Facebook, the things they do not share, the things that are dark and grow outside that pretty little digital façade.

The darkness, the demons, the loneliness...

The perverse photos sent to men that your husband takes, the massive amounts of Botox you subject your face to all in the hopes your husband will stop with the young women he is becoming less and less careful of hiding.

Yet, these married people will always have the benefit over the doubt, while women like Rose McGowan will never have it. 

Damaged goods, is damaged good and easy to dismiss and if you married easier to destroy.


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