My house is now worth $600,000

 Unfortunately, I lost it a long time a go to a woman hater, who did everything he could to put me down monetarily. He won in that aspect because it has taken me years to recover.

Herb Albert Prick was his name as I recall. A savvy old man that had more charm than money, and did not understand the rules of keeping a younger woman happy. 

He really thought that I owed him. And he took as much as he could.

After he took my house, and came back to rob me of the rings and bullshit promises, he sent me a picture of him in an email.

All I recall is my reply telling him the next time I see his photo, that it better be in the obituary column.

I have not heard from him since, and glad of that. Although, I do hold out hope to see that obituary one day.

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