Know who your friends are

 If you stop posting on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc...how long will it take someone to notice you are gone? And out of those that notice, how long will it take them to call anyone they know to see if you are OK?

In my social world, not a fucking one. They do not know me well enough to understand the grief I have lived. They stopped listening to me a long time ago. 

I am not status quo, I don't ask you to look at endless pics of me hiking, kayaking, biking, showing off my Botox face, that misses the mark against my aging neck skin and body, nor happy with my hubbie pic even deep down I want to dick punch him.

Oh yes, I get to say, "DICK PUNCH" on my domain. 

Twitter and Facebook would have knocked me off, but they will be gone soon. They are dinosaurs, they just do not know it yet. 

And Hey! bravo to the the psychos who blocked my 911 post but keep third world countries happy with their recruitments for the cartel.

Makes it seem silly my post was blocked for a simple dick pick from the 80,  but cartels are free to reign on Facebook under the motto of "just doing business".....

In January, a former cop turned Facebook Inc. investigator posted an all-staff memo on the company’s internal message board. It began “Happy 2021 to everyone!!” and then proceeded to detail a new set of what he called “learnings.” The biggest one: A Mexican drug cartel was using Facebook to recruit, train and pay hit men.

The behavior was shocking and in clear violation of Facebook’s rules. But the company didn’t stop the cartel from posting on Facebook or Instagram, the company’s photo-sharing site.

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