Hedgies Watch Youtube too!

Don't be an ass and FOMO into the stocks this idiot are playing you with.

Clay Trader

By the way,  let me spare you a pre-recorded "Live Webinar" by Clay who tries to sell you on a $25k up-front package using his little girl to belittle you, which really only attracts low self-esteem people willing to give up this money instead of buying a couple of books and learning themselves.

But hey, he was a football player, so he is well-versed in being a dick to the unpopular and has made it a great opportunity to make money for himself . 

He is not an idiot - just a fucking bully-raised, bully-forever!

I would like to say I am flabbergasted at how stupid people really are, but, there really are this stupid.

Clay bought investment property not on making $600 a day n day trade which 40% will go to capital gains. he made it buy shilling his outrageously priced "Day Trade University". 

He is no better than Trump University. Not accredited and a waste of fucking MONEY!

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