Eva and Eze

 New story of cousins. Always one crazy batch in the family.

If you thought I was horrible, think again.

There is always that one black sheep in the family. The one that is super sensitive and can't handle the injustice, and needs an outlet to discuss things. That is me and that is why I got sent to the looney bin more than once as a child.

Apparently, I have not learned my lesson, and a severe slap on the hand has made me retreat from social and go back to posting on my diary in the digital darkness.

 An outlet away from friends and family. An outlet where the deep and dark get real. An outlet I can be safe and protected.

Just so you know, I will take liberties with this story, much like my series on the BlinDeaDbyBlonde. It has to be more fantasy than reality if I want to keep this diary.

But in the end there is always some truth in my stories.

So let's begin:

Eva and Eze were fraternal twins. Eva was the eldest by 4 minutes. And Eze came out lifeless and remained that way for 1 minute and 47 seconds. 

I always wondered what the 1 minute and 47 seconds with no life did to him, and why Eva protected him so. What was discussed in the womb, we will never know. 

But those two always had a secret -way beyond any of us could understand.

I am going to tell the story in bits. Most of it is hand written from when I was young, and need time to go through the diaries.

I never stopped writing in a diary. I did however, grow much smarter in the security of them after the whole club pool incident with my very first  diary. 

I still have that 'Hello Kitty' diary with half the pages torn out and the rest of the pages to remain blank for the rest of eternity.

P.S, There will be hidden messages if you can catch them to try and decipher what is real and what is fantasy.

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