Eva and Eze: Low Level Mob Daddy( Part 3)

Eva had this incredible chestnut, curly hair and liked to bite the bottom of her lip using her ring finger to push it up to get a good grip, 

Eze had thin blonde hair that whisped around the face and a smirk that could scare anyone away.

Their Daddy was working for the mob. Low level, because he was never allowed to have more than a 3 class Merc.

He was peddling under-age girl sex videos in states that were right wing Christian.

I know this because Eza thought it was funny when she found the video stash in the spare tire well of the Merc.

I hate her Father. 

He changed the trajectory of my life with that one moment in the beach condo -  putting his hand up my pants at 15 with Ev in the bed next to me, pretending to be asleep. I guess that is why I did not stick up for Ev and Ez when certain people knocked on my door.

But, they had already flown the coop.

Ev and Ez had an island they could go to. My Uncle gave it to them after their parents tragically died in a car accident.

to be continued....

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