Digital Overload: Unplugged!

Jesus Christ my new apple phone is riddled with sound notifications from every fucking social media channel, yet still won't ring when the one important person in my life calls.

I know I can turn off notifications, but it is just as easy to unsubscribe, delete all social media accounts and apps.

I am not on the spectrum but definitely have the ADD qualities that make me want to smash my cell phone after too much interaction with social media.

I won't smash my $1500 phone, but it felt really good to bust up my $129 Google Home because I know it is spying after looking at my history. 

No one asked you a question Goggle nor asked you to save it!! 

Hey fucking Google, do what you promised. Don't listen into conversation that you are not included in!

What I like about blindedbyblonde is, it is mine and I own it and can say and do whatever the fuck I want on it. Ff friends want to read my crazy, it is all here.

Safely tucked away from everything. 

My secret diary published to the world. 

Did I ever tell you the time I was 12 or so and someone took my diary out of my gym bag at the poo and tore out the pages to distribute around to anyone willing to read?

Some parents got a hold of it, and if you read my previous posts - you will no it was not kind. 

And when I got home, my parents were not mad at the vandals, they were mad at me for writing those things about them in my very private, personal diary. Their response to me was simply this:

"We will forgive you, but we will never forget." 

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