Covid was Karma for Me

 I can't help but think how differently people view Covid. Many lost their lives, and families suffered.

But for me, it was elation and karma coming alive to punish all those that pushed me down.

Where I came from, how I was raised, I did not have the confidence to stick up for myself and I was pushed down beyond belief way into adulthood. 

They say after a certain age it is on you to get up, but that is bullshit when you were dealt a shitty fucking hand from birth.

Eventually you do get up, but not after being knocked down a thousand times and finally saying fuck this.

But than you take that 'fuck you' attitude a little too far for the status quo and you get banned and blocked from shit.

I have several twitter accounts, and on one I was so pissed off by Elon Musk and his bullshit when it came to crypto and fucking people, I tweeted a snarky comment that someone should dick punch him. I got banned from twitter.

And not willing to apologize so that account is in limbo, like an epitaph that has no ending date.

Covid hurt every company that I hated working for. That is a bonus for me and no one I cared about died from it. But than again, I only care about one person in this world.

So yes, Covid was super awesome for me. I got to watch everyone who treated me like a piece of shit get wrekt.

Delta variant, I don't need back up. We got the fuckers the first time. 

Blonde truth! 

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