Born to the wrong parents?

 Me too!

Let's work this conundrum out.

This is not about having shitty parents, which I did - actually just one. who made my Dad's life and mine a living hell!

But, this is about feeling God dropped you in the wrong hands.

Did you cry yourself to sleep at 6 years old with stuffed animals around you bed?

Did you beg God to take your life and wake up every hour to make sure your stuffed animas did not fall out of the bed. And make sure if they did, tuck them back in really tight and close.

Was your head shaped differently than your siblings?

What made you stand out as the one she would pick on?

Did she use you as a punching bag while loving her other children?

Did she hate you?

And did she stop her cruelty after you left?

Did she continue to be a cunt because you always....because you, you....you always .....

You know how to finish that question Mom...you just won't bring yourself to.

I wish I had that mean spiritedness you and your other daughters have, but I don't and why I keep getting hurt.

I need this diary as much as I need to get away from you.

I was never your child, I was born to the wrong mother.

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