Elon Musk, Narcissist Fuck

Not only does it rhyme, it fits in well with his shitty tweets. He can raise or drop bitcon on a tweet for maybe a day or 2 but the trend does not last. He wants to fuck around with dogecoin, let him go for it at the expense of all the fools who really thought it would go to a dollar. Crypto is not dependant on this twat. FUD will come and go and make people fearful or FOMO in, but it never lasts. There is a true cycle to this madness and it will be the best investment you ever make in the long term if you understand the basics and navigate the cycles. Do not follow Bitboy and his croneys. He is a dick and sells his youtube channel with no thought to how you will make out, just like Elon. Do yourself a favor and watch Benjamen Cowen CryptoUniverse and Coin Bureau and turn off twitter, reddit, and all the idiots posting.

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