Fuck you Bill Maher and the Rest of Late Night!

To every late night host that has lost their humor and now just an angry bitch spewing hatred.

Unless you have any experience with someone in the military and the strength it takes, for their families, to keep hope alive that they will come home alive and not in a box ready to be buried with a flag draped over it, shut the F Up!

Don't pick on veterans that may have had PTSD! That is not cool. You do not know Ashli Babbitt, or her life any more than the BLM actors that broke a lot of shit in their own hometown, including black owned businesses, out of frustration!

I can tell you, her life defended this country unlike the those that massacred cities in the name of a crackhead named George Floyd.

Covid brought a serious strain on this country. How many suicides happened because of this pandemic and loss of work?

Instead of being an angry bitch do something productive you self-absorbed wealthy, celebrity twats!

And the military is off limits, like Hunter!

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