Do You Kill the Cat Before Christmas? Or wait?

Once upon a time, there was this young tuxedo cat named Lola

She could scale walls and dance on rooftops with very little effort. She took great pride in her fanciful, feline maneuvers.

20 years later ....

The princess of prowling walks across the ledge forgetting her legs don't pirouette like a Bolshoi ballerina any more.

So, on the corner ledge, 3 stories up from the pool. there she sits crying and looking for the screen to magically open up.

Her Mother finds her and ponders leaving her there or calling the fire department.

After a long pause and high pitched mew sounding more urgent than ever, the Mother is rushed to a decision and finds the best course of action is to cut through the window screen and pull in the damsel in distress.

Let it be said....

Lola better be asking Santa Paws for a new 60 x 36 screen with a white aluminum frame, or she will be getting coal in her stocking.

The Blonde is over kitty litter!

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