#2019 assholes!

We made it through another year.

I find it funny, that I survived the past year without the help of yet another self help book.

Have you read "The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck"?

\Yeah, well, I read it and can tell you, it is full of old shit that is not news to anyone.

He is clever with prose, I will give Manson that, but his stories are not quite accurate and more to the point of being bullshit he concocted to fit his agenda.

The hippie Suzuki? Really?

The musicians dumped before a record deal> Did he talk to those fuckers?

Dude, love the writing. You are a brilliant storyteller, but a self-help guru? NOT!! AT FUCKING ALL!

For those of us already self-aware, we flip through the mundane and over y used shit.

You can read his shit at markmanson.com...OOP, sorry, the sad fucker is a .net dude.

And no doubt some will call me out on my critique and assume I am jealous, but that just makes me laugh now that I read the book!


The Blonde finds all self-help books do one thing...help the author make money, and do nothing but distract and annoy the dumb asses who read it!


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