You Must Go

I have had no interaction with Amazon in the past three months, so I must go.

I have not engaged enough on Facebook, so I must go.

Google tells me I have to go...

To where?

I am here, and will remain here.

Do not go quiet into the night, said some author some time ago. I think I will go with his words.

My blog is not on death's door.

I have been quiet because I am following Sun Tzu's rule about doing nothing when you do not know what to do.

In the past, I applied this rule literally but that pushed me back 10 years. Now I use his readings figuratively, and seem to be moving forward.

Of course what do I know?

This blonde has been in limbo so long, most everyone she knows is dead. Which, sadly but fortunately, actually will work out better for me.

Yes, I used adverbs in the end...get over it!

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