My Cat Died

I knew he was dying. An undead can feel it. I felt it from far away and wanted to see him and my son. God I can't seem to recall the days, the months or the years I have been gone.

I just know I had to be there. Watching silently as a dog broke free from his leash and went after Goose.

I watched from afar as my Mother tried to fend off the beast with bush clipping spears. I watched the owner hold back her 80 lbs white dog, rabid with taste for my dying old cat as the brown dog, free from his leash took to tormenting my son's 20 year old cat that was hoping only for some peace and a little bit of sunlight before his impending death. An attack was never part of the plan.

I watched from afar as my son came to the house. I lingered outside without him knowing I was there. Being dead is being invisible, you can be wherever you want and no one sees you.

The pain of watching him relive another death crushed me and I was unable to comfort him. His heart was broken in two and his tears flooded the fur of his beloved cat as he whispered in his ear that it was OK to go. The cat trying to be so strong and brave trying to raise his head and my son's large hands coddling the delicate and small head of his once viking prince of a cat.

Crushed by forces...both my son and his prized beast....

and what do we get from the stupid woman who let her stupid 8 year old hold a leash of a beast twice her size?!


I thought having an non-beating heart and ice cold veins could never undo me but tonight I have been undone.

Tonight I feel the rage again and tonight, I want to kill.....

Blindead by Blonde has some reckoning to attend too!  And fuck you dog owners...eye for an eye when a cat dies by their jaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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