Selfish People

Selfish people will not help anyone that might be a blip in their harmonious lives.

They buy new cars, add a pool to their backyard and call their family only when they are bored and need to kill time while they drive to their destinations.

And they consider this being attentive to their family. And at the end, they will hold out their hand and expect their part of the pie in the will.

And not once do they acknowledge the depth of commitment and care that another family member provides.

Why would they?

They have never stuck around long enough to witness what extent that person goes through to care for family.

They are happily oblivious to the nature of care that is needed until the very end. They will come rushing up against the side of the death bed and  boo hoo...

And that will satisfy their guilt when the will is read.

Selfish greedy people make the Blonde deathly ill.

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