War On Women

The GOP does not have it out for women; they have it out for everyone.

But to lower yourself to the level of ridiculousness of the GOP and try to cover it by saying its a 'War on Women', is horse manure.

I am not levying the idiots name on this blog but the femme fatale lawmaker from Michigan should be tarred and feathered for taking the podium in the name of women.

How dare she say the stupid rant she did and try to cover it up with her assinine excuse by saying the word 'vagina' is anatomically correct. Sure it is and if your a biology professor teaching anatomy, I say go for it.

But to use it for shock value in a statement that makes absolutely no sense to the issue at hand; I say you might as well used a more flavorful word!

To make an outrageous statement that you are flattered by the attention your vagina is getting to float your rhetoric on abortion rights just took away the attention from the rights of women and placed 3 days of media hype on your usage of vagina.

And to say "No means No" .....UGHHH!!

Maybe you were not privy to the orginial content of that slogan but its meant for date rape victims and to try and recycle it in your sad attempt to speak about abortion rights makes me want to trade in my VAGINA for a baseball bat and knock some sense into you.

No means NO to what?

Aborton or your attention grabbing vagina?!

Its not just the GOP who have gone off their rocker; its the whole establishment.

They are spoiled rotten children playing on our tax dollars.

The Blonde will vote when we clean out the trash!

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