I Have the Secret to Youth

Its a simple and silly remedy.

It is not hocus pocus and not something I can get rich off of because it is readily available.

It is so stupid silly...it reminds me of the story about a truck caught under a bridge.

All the experts thought the issue over and none of them could solve it.

It took a young boy with no expertise to ask why they just didn't let the air out of the tires.

Slowing down the aging process is as easy as letting the air out of that truck's tires.

I will give you a few hints.

Imagine yourself as a tree.

Trees are the oldest living being...

Being as in entity not as in human being...

Think of a tree...

What makes a tree sick?

What makes a tree weak?

What makes a tree die?

What makes everything weak?

What makes everything die?


A host that consumes more from its life source than the life source can provide.

You and I are a tree.

We are an organism that millions and millions of tiny hosts feed off of everyday.

If you put your skin under a microscope with a thousand times the power to see the milliscopic bugs that feed off of us...

You will see why you age from the outside in.

All you need is the secret to killing the host that feeds on you.

And I have that secret.

I found it on a sebatical dealing with my own mortality.

I am sure you think a sales pitch is coming, but its not.

I can make you stay the way you look now until you die.

And I can tell you, its not more than $7 for a month's supply.

What I can't tell you, is if I am going to share this info.

I am in hate mode.

Isolation mode.

While I can cure aging on the outside.

I can't cure dying on the inside.


I might just want to bury myself with this stupid, silly, easy, make me laugh how stupid the science community is; or how devious they are to keep it from you just to rake in the mega billions on an anti aging cosmetic farce campaign; simply because I am angry at my demise.

I will be kind enough to give you


Giant freaking hint:

Your the host!!

Billions of microscopic organisms are depleting your system...

What do you need to stop them?

Oh my GOD..its so easy..

The Blonde wants to scream!!

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