Being the Better Person

is so over rated...

I have been the better person for so long that I forgot I deserve better.

Raine in New York...

Augusto in Texas...

Mr Michigan....

The Captain...


and Houston geriatrics...

Are you kidding me?

I could pick you apart one by one and mutilate you by word on my blog but I don;t need do that.

I just need to acknowledge that I am dying.

I am dying!!

44 years on this earth and not one man ever gave me an ounce of love or trust.

And if you think I am carrying forth any unfinished business in the next life?

You do not know me.

I am settling the score this year.

Each and every one of you sad suckers are going to be held accountable.

I am going into the next life on a clean slate.

I would like to give out a special shout to a man that is dead but his children still profit from him.

A mobster!!

A low level, money laundering, under age video taping profiteer who liked to fondle his daughter's friends while he was drunk.

I hope hell has a particularly hot spot for you.

A second shout out to Raine... you shaky handed alcoholic who is way out of his competition's league...Johnny Boy from Georgia will always be better than you!

And a third special hallelujah to Augusto...6 years of loyalty and trust on my end...and nothing but lies and broken promises on your end...

May the chips fall hard on you...

and everyone who took without giving back!

Micky, Freddy, Reny, Herb... you are all Humpty Dumpty and about to fall!!

The Blonde lost her mercy!

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