What the hell is wrong with the people who post comments on YouTube?

I post on YouTube and I have yet to curse or bash anyone.

I critique. I make people think but I don't trash anyone.

I wrote a comment about a 12 year old girl on some talent show. She was very good but hair raising experience?


I commented on that after seeing the exploits of young children pushed out on stage by eager parents to get rich off their talented little one. I can't help but notice that all the stage Mothers are a bit huge in girth and not very pretty. Some big girls are quite lovely like Queen Latifa, J-Lo, and as soon as I can think of a hefty femme fatale in the caucasian persuasion..I will let you know.


I refrain from commenting things like this on YouTube but my blog is mine and I will say whatever I like.

My comment about this little pint sized junior pop star was merely this:

"I feel she has a great voice for her age but if you close your eyes and not be persuaded by her age, she still has some vocal training to do."

I got 15 hater mail. Curse words and everything.

I never comment back because I am not looking to engage in a conversation with idiots who clearly are just not that savvy in music.

All I am saying is, using your kids to get rich is a poor way to be a parent.

And these talent television shows exploit them to tug at the hearts of viewers and up their ratings. But at what expense to the children?

How do you tell a 4 year old, whom just read a poem about nature with a Boa slithering around her neck, that she is not going to make it to the next round?

The Blonde is not that blind!

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