The Povery Line

There is a divide in this country and its not political...

The media has you believe thetre is nothing but mega wealth and mega poor; but for those of us living reality outside the gate of OZ...

We see the lines a little more clearly:

Its the Mega wealth divided by the almost billionaires.

The almost billionaires to the mega millionaires.

The mega millionaires to the millionaires.

The millionaires to the upper middle class

The upper middle class to the middle calls

The middle class to the lower middle class

The lower middle class to the poor..

And the poor is grouped into just one category...the category of a virus no one wants to get too close to.

But there is a poor who are creative and smart and live an eclectic but intellectual life.

The poor who work an honest life and just hope their kids find a better world for themselves.

And then the poor in money, mind, morality, and respect for themselves and any one else...

Society has drawn all these lines in the economy of people...

The lines have boxed everyone in.

The Blonde is claustrophobic!!!

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