Looking Back

I am trying to look back at my life and see where everything went so wrong.

The funny thing is...

I have to go back to age 7. My first boyfriend. Randy. He gave me a dogwood leaf cooper ring. I came home from school and proudly showed my Mother. She quickly accused me of stealing it and demanded I return it. Only thing was, I did not steal it.

Randy gave me my very first kiss. It was behind the rolling chalk board and as we were only in the first grade and new to hidden love, it did not occur to us that our feet showed underneath. The teacher quickly dispersed us and sent us on our way.

I took the ring back to school and hid it away in my little pink plastic cubby hole at the end of the school day. The next day I was hoping to wear it again but someone had stolen it out of my cubby.

I told Randy what happened with the ring and he broke up with me on the spot.

He would not forgive me and that set the catalyst for the next generation of men to hit my life in high school and college.

The Blonde is looking in her rear-view mirror!!

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