The Incredible Beauty of Natural Breasts

I don't know how to put it any other way.

I have this obsession with a woman's Decolletage...and not the whole part of it but the old version of the meaning...

The bottom of the neck to the top of the chest framed by a GENTLY scooped neckline that shows just enough but flows with femininity AND gracefulness right above the nipple. The skin across the chest from shoulder to shoulder is smooth and soft and the delicate curvature that caves in and causes a shadow that directs your eyes not to the nipple but just above it....where your eyes and mind linger....as if in a spell..

I think a woman's breast, right at the bottom where it curves off the body and slopes up just to the nipple, when untouched and natural no matter the size, shape, age, color...is God's best landscape.

And I can marvel at the beauty of a naturally made breast without wanting to touch it, change it, or conquer it.

The Blonde has only admiration

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