I Tip

I am a tipper. And not only 20% tipping..I tip as I walk.

I read about the royalty of the Japanese binding their feet. Being ADD and all of 10, I did not quite get the whole jest of the concept.

What I did get out of it, was that small feet were attractive. Why I thought my feet needed to be beautiful and attractive at such a young age is a vague mystery to me.

But I wanted pretty, little feet.

So I began to curl my toes anytime my Mother tried to buy me new shoes. She, like most Mothers, do a silly thumb test to see if there is room in the shoe for growth.

I would curl my toes and get a pair that fit too tight. And then I would proceed to tie the laces even tighter to restrict the growth of my foot.

It worked.

I am 5'9", almost shy of 5'10" and I have a size 7 foot; but beauty comes with a price and my small feet are not dismissed from the penalty charge incurred by vanity.

I tip.

If I walk straight and look to the left, I tip to the left. If I walk straight and look to the right, I tip to the right.

I also trip just walking down the hall of my own home.

I should have had bigger feet and a bit more broader..but I don't.

I squeezed my feet into shoes two times too small for me for over 8 years of my youth.

And I have the prettiest little size 7 foot to show for it.

I have a little walking impediment to show for it.

I have pretty little feet, pretty little breasts, and pretty little thoughts of how all the things I have done will catch me a fine man...

And then age caught me...

I try to squish my age through out the years...

but as hard as I try, I can not curl my toes under the watchful eyes of Father Time.

So, I beg Mother Nature to help me proverbial curl myself into lasting a little longer.

I think Mother Nature is on my side.

She knows I am a late bloomer and also the runt in the world of Darwin's best.

So she helps me out!!!

I think she helps me because she knows, I am simple but smart.

She knows I am not cut from the same cloth as everyone else and so she grants me the grace of time...

Mother Nature grants me 15 years off my looks...but in time that grant will be waived....

And when my looks fade...

I will have only the curse of my heart that remains viewing the world as a naive child who thinks Utopia can be a real place.

I hold the world to a reasonable effort to grow up and meet the expectations of the Utopia I read in 'Candide'.

I am angry at our society just as much as Thomas Paine is in his address to the people in 'Common Sense'.

I understand the reasoning of these books but I am too simple to change anything.

I am too ignorant to figure out how to change people to see the world as I see it.

I see a socialist society where everyone cares about everyone else...and everyone wants everyone to be happy and have the same respect no matter what the fortune they carry.

But a pure world of these fortunate wants are marred by the those who have the bank and refuse to let free of the noose that strangle themselves and our public on.......we breed the poor to admire wealth without respect for the person behind the golden curtain.

Its Dorothy's trip all over again.

The Wizard of OZ was written as a protest to the government and the manipulation of swapping paper money for gold and debunking silver.

Monopoly was a game to teach the youth how bank lenders steal from the farmers!!!

But you are all grown up now,...and you don;t read the stories nor play the games I do...

You are so much smarter than the Blonde!

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